• Concept and branding development

  • brand DNA and appearance 

  • identity and storytelling kit


  • Managing the creative and digital budget of the brand

  • Content creation and direction. 

  • Campaigns creation- DNA, concept, production.

  • team guide from scratch to finish ‘go to market’ product.

  • Hand to hand work with marketing dep.


  • Social Media management – reports, analytics 

  • Designing & creating magnificent websites suited for your brand identity and needs, SEO and commercial oriented

  • E commerce -creating online shops and sales platforms. Shopify / Wix/ Instagram

  • VR-Creating Instagram Filters design, concept and analytics

  • App creation and direction 

BizDev & Strategy

  • analyzing your brand characteristics to create a personalised commercial strategic plan that will work 

  • understanding of the market

  • Creating eye-catching content that will provide the perfect audience experience